• Zoë

Why going on hiatus is absolutely fine

This is the first blog post I've put out since Sept. 6, nearly three months ago, and while I hoped never to have to put this blog on hiatus when I first started it, I realized that was all I could do when it all got too crazy.

In September, I started graduate school and a new job, both of which include a whole lot of writing, so in my limited free time, I found myself not wanting to do any extra writing to keep up with this blog. Even before I went on hiatus, I had gone from three posts every week to two, and I was relying heavily on my contributing writers. And I love my contributors a lot and I'm so glad they chose to write for the site, but I got to the point where I would rather have all contributor posts rather than write ones myself. That's not what I wanted from this site.

Even though it's been a bit disappointing for me when I think about how long its been since I've posted on here, I know anything I made myself produce in the last couple months would not have been my best work and wouldn't have been posts I'm proud of.

And that just made me think of all those fanfic writers out there who have had to put works on hiatus or abandon them completely because life got in the way of their creative pursuits. It really sucks when that happens, but when having to choose between giving your attention to work/school/social lives and giving it to online hobbies, no matter how much you love your blogging or writing or reading, that's what takes the hit.

No matter how disappointed I may get when realizing a fic I love has been abandoned, I just think about the writer and how it must feel for them to give up something they worked so hard on because they didn't have the time, or something else was more important, or maybe just because they didn't feel the same drive in the project as they did when they started.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break, going on hiatus or even abandoning a project if it's the move you have to make. As a fanfic writer (or any other type of online creator), you don't owe anyone anything. You don't owe your readers the next chapter or your followers your new fan art. Online creators do what they do because they love it, and if other things get in the way and they have to take a break, as a fan or a reader or a follower, your only job is to support them.

I'm not going to promise that I'm going to be posting as regularly as I was in the beginning, but I'd like to start writing on this site again (and taking contributor posts). I really appreciate all the interactions and responses y'all give me on my Twitter and I love talking to all of you and seeing you all talk to each other on my tweets, so I want to say thank you for sticking around on there.

I have a bunch of free time in December coming up, so I announced on Twitter I'm doing something to sort of give back to the fanfiction community during the holidays. You can check out the original tweet here, but basically, I'm offering my services (free of charge) to 10 fanfic writers during December to edit and beta their fics (under 25k). All you have to do is follow my Twitter, retweet the thread, and reply giving me a short summary, the length, the fandom and the pairing of the fic and I'll randomly choose 10 winners on Dec. 1.

If you want to ask any questions about my holiday project, chat about fanfic stuff or pitch a post you want to write for the site, you can comment on this post, post in the FORUM or DM me on Twitter!! Thanks for sticking around, love y'all!!


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