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Well, that's a great question.

The short answer is: a blog about fanfiction.

The long answer is the same as the short answer, but with a bit more backstory.

I've loved fanfiction for years—ever since I became obsessed with One Direction in 2012 and exclusively read hetero pairings on OneDirectionFanFiction.com (now dead, thank goodness) and Tumblr. It took me until about my junior year of college to branch out from only 1D fics—but I left the hetero 1D pairings for Larry long, long before that. The first fandom I branched out with was "Shameless," and I'm still a Gallavich shipper through and through.

When I was in high school, and let's be honest most of college too, I was beyond embarrassed of being a fanfiction reader—and sometimes writer. The only people who knew about my love of fanfiction were people who also read it, and I never talked about fanfic in louder than a whisper in public. About halfway through college, I got over that and now regularly tweet about my fanfiction habits and discuss it with anyone who will listen.

In college, I majored in journalism, and multiple times attempted to tailor class assignments to write them about fanfiction—it never really worked. I also spent three years working for my college's award-winning student newspaper, and during my senior year, I was promoted to editor-in-chief. To me this meant I could finally write something about fanfiction and have it published, you know, since I was the one accepting pitches. For the 2018 Sex Issue—released for Valentine's Day—I co-wrote a piece that was basically a guide to finding fanfiction.

I wished I could have done a more extensive story for the paper, but my co-writer and I realized that fanfiction is still not that widely understood, so we had to stick to the basics.

This blog is a chance for me to explore all my fanfiction-related interests on a platform controlled 100% by me. I'm mainly going to start out by letting you guys know more about me and my fanfiction habits as well as creating posts that will help people who are maybe new to fanfiction understand the community and get started on their magical journey into fanfic land. I will also review some of my favorite fanfics.

Look out for regular posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thanks for reading and my contact page is open if you'd ever like to chat or want to talk about writing some guest posts for FANFICED!


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