Upon Needing A Hero

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need a hero. Mine came at the cusp of an upstart in something I happen to love: books. "Harry Potter" was huge when I was a child and the perfect time to feel different in a world full of hatred. Being bullied massively damaged my desire for interaction, but I powered through with books.

It was on the WB website created for the first movie that I found my love. I scoured the forum for hours, reading fics about the characters that became my friends through the words. Boldly going where only the creative and the awkward have gone before, I attempted my first one. While my peers shouted for my death in an unprecedented fashion, I found hope and eventually passion through fanfiction and their writers.

Let’s fast forward several years. Growing up in that climate only caused my need for fanfiction after the books were completed. I found myself on sites to read them, but it took me another six years to actually write on one. The first story I wrote was horrible, followed by several others. The support, however, was magical, and it made me want to apply myself.

Now, I’m a living, breathing fanfiction writer with a love for not only the fandom that gave me life and love, but also the community it was created around. That’s what fanfiction has meant to me- a world full of stories of my favorite heroes.

Hogwarts was the school we all wished we could go to.


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