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Remember fanfiction trailers? What ever happened to those?

Back when I was a young fanficer, only reading One Direction het (tragic, I know), it was fairly common for popular fanfictions to have trailers linked in their summaries on OneDirectionFanfiction.com (which is so dead, thank my Lord and Savior Harry Styles). But in the years since then, I don't recall seeing more than maybe one or two fanfics with trailers.

The trailers were usually made by people who read a fanfic and really liked it, had a passible knowledge of Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, and some time on their hands. If you were looking for a new Niall Horan/OFC fic and came across one with a trailer, it usually meant the fic would be worth reading—or worth at least checking out the trailer to see if you'd like it.

Because I was only a part of the one fandom when fanfic trailers were at their peak, I don't know if they were a major thing in other fandoms as well, but I can imagine there being a fair amount of "Vampire Diaries," "Pretty Little Liars" and "Supernatural" trailers (it was around the height in popularity of those fandoms).

This was also at a time when original main characters and fancasting was a huge thing (again, at least in the 1D het world), so it gave those trailer makers a fair amount to work with. If an author cast Ashley Benson as their OFC, trailer makers had seasons of clips from "PLL" to pull from and mix with clips of Liam Payne doing whatever fit the author's version of him.

Ok, I have to confess, I wrote a 1D fanfiction back in like 2013 that had like medium popularity and two readers messaged me asking if they could make trailers for it. One of them is still out there on YouTube, but I couldn't find the other one. Rewatching it, I find myself crazy embarrassed that I wrote something that bad once upon a time and actually put it out in the world. But, it is still amazing to me that someone liked it enough to spend their time creating a trailer for it. Sure, there are some errors in the trailer that make me wonder if they really read the whole thing or not, but still, awe-inspiring.

I find myself wondering if fanfiction trailers are still a thing in certain fandoms and sort of hoping they are, or maybe they still exist on Wattpad or FanFiction.net (which I don't use, sorry), because while the trailer made for me might not have been perfect, it was still so exciting to have someone like my work enough to make it.

I give big props to anyone who made trailers for their favorite fanfics in the past, and if any of you did, send me a message because I'd love to know what made you feel so invested in the fic that you spent time making a trailer for it. And if you are an author that had a trailer made for them, shoot me a message also and let me know how it made you feel to have a reader do that for you.

I'm not going to tell you the title of my old 1D fanfic or what my username on 1DFF was, but if you can find the trailer on YouTube anyway, let me know and I'll throw you a Twitter shoutout or something. I'll only give you two hints: The video has more than 5,000 views and I fancast Nina Dobrev as my OFC. Happy hunting.

Do you all remember fanfiction trailers? Were they a thing in your fandom too? Have you seen any fanfic trailers recently? Do you think they should be a bigger thing?


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