• Zoë

Introduction to fanfiction reviewing

Something I've wanted for a while is to have a place to really review the fanfictions I read. The most I've done is bookmark my favorites on AO3 and add a few notes—usually gushing about how much I loved the fic or how late I stayed up finishing it—but that never seemed like enough for me.

For the fanfics I really like, I'm going to be posting reviews on this blog giving some details of why I liked the fic, why other people should read it and maybe some constructive criticism. I don't see myself negatively reviewing any fanfics for a couple reasons. One, I think it's overly rude to shit on a story that someone worked hard on that no one made me read in the first place. And two, if I don't like a fanfic, I typically don't end up finishing it anyway.

To start, I'm going to be looking through my AO3 bookmarks and posting reviews for my favorites of those, and then regularly posting reviews as I finish fics I like.

If there are any fics for the pairings I read that you guys would like me to read and review, send me your recommendations!

Look out for reviews on Fridays.


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