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I promise I don't really ship this...

My name is Zoë and I read a Sansa Stark/Tywin Lannister fanfic.

And by "a" I mean at least 15.

I'm not going to apologize for it (even though I definitely felt like I should as soon as I downloaded the first fic). I'm really not one to shame pairings because it all depends on what an author does with the pairing, and if I don't agree with or support a pairing, I just don't read it (I'm looking at you Wincest).

But I feel like I need to put a disclaimer in this post that no part of me actually ships Sansa/Tywin.

I came across my first Sansa/Tywin fic while season eight was airing and I was reading nonstop GoT/ASOIAF fics. I had exhausted most of the SanSan, Gendrya and Jaimsa fics I could find and had been through many of the other fics with the highest number of Kudos that had pairings I didn't mind (I know Jonsa and Braime crazy popular, but I've tried and I just don’t think they’re for me, and I’m still in the funk where Jonerys has gotten boring to me if we're being honest, but maybe I’ll give it another go soon). So I did a general ASOIAF fic search and scrolled through the pages to see if there were any good fics I hadn't read with any pairings I could convince myself to try.

I really never thought Sansa/Tywin would be something I'd try, but I also never thought SanSan would be one of my favorite pairings, so I gave it a shot. I didn't start slow with a short oneshot like I usually do with new pairings because there really aren't a lot of Sansa/Tywin to choose from. Rather, I started with a super long fic, like 225k words long.

And holy crap was it good.

The writing was great, the characterization of Sansa and Tywin was amazing, and the storyline was beautiful. I actually cried at the end, like real tears for Tywin Lannister. I can't believe the author did that to me.

I will be writing a full review of the fanfic soon, so I won't give too many details here, but yeah, I'm really glad that was the one I decided to read.

I've read a few Sansa/Tywin fics since that one, but comparatively to other pairings, there really aren't that many out there, and none have been as awe-inspiring as the first one.

My thing recently-ish has been any GoT fic that has a strong Sansa Stark as half of the pairing. I've read SanSan, Jonsa, Jaimsa, Theonsa, Sansa/Tywin, and even one where Sansa was married to Robert Baratheon (it wasn't a pro-Robert fic, but still).

So really, it's not the pairing that's important to me as much as that it is strong, smart, badass Sansa-centric. If there are any fanfics out there that fulfill my Sansa need and you don't think I've read them, please send them my way, no matter the pairing. I know Sansaery is pretty popular too, but I haven't read any, so send me some of those pairing if you want.

How do you feel about the fact I've read some Sansa/Tywin? Would you ever read one? What's a pairing you've read that you don't actually ship? Am I a crazy person?


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