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How to write for FANFICED

UPDATED July 20, 2019

Even before I launched FANFICED, I debated on whether I would be accepting guest posts for the blog and, if so, what kinds of posts. I've had a handful of people message me asking about writing guest posts and I've really enjoyed interacting with my readers and followers on Twitter, so I decided that after a month of posting three times a week on my own, why not open up pitch submissions?

I'd like this site to become a place where the fanfic community can share their experiences and love for the art of fanfiction, while also collectively cringing a bit at memories of slightly embarrassing old fanfiction habits. Believe me, I've got some posts high on the cringe-scale coming.

As far as the types of pitches I'm looking for go, there are a few specific things I'll give priority to, which I'll list below, but feel free to pitch any topic that is fanfiction related. I do reserve the right to reject any pitches that get sent to me, but as long as it's not a problematic topic, super mean or something I was already planning on writing about, odds are you'll be able to write it for FANFICED.

Here are a few types of posts that will most likely get an automatic accept from me:

Fandom or pairing guides

This would be a quick guide (not too long please) for someone who might be new to your fandom or pairing. You should be an expert in the topic that you choose to write the guide on, and it should be more informative than gushy about why its so great.


I post a fanfiction review once a week, but I don't read fanfiction for every fandom or pairing out there because I'm not that much of an insane person. These reviews would be best if they were for pairings or fandoms that I don't cover myself, but go ahead and pitch one even if we overlap and maybe we can do a co-review. I don't include ratings in my reviews, but if I did, I wouldn't write any reviews for fanfics that I would rate under a 4/5, so keep that in mind. No trashing fics you didn't like.

Personal essays

These essays would be 250 words or less and would be about what fanfiction means to you, how fanfiction has helped you, or a specific story about how fanfiction has affected your life. This will most likely turn into a larger project, so they shouldn't be any longer than 250 words, but if you've got a larger fanfiction-related story you'd like to tell, let me know in the pitch.

Culture-based thought pieces

When I first launched, I had a couple people ask if I could write posts talking about things like culture erasure or POC issues in fanfiction, but as I am not a POC, I don't feel comfortable writing a post about that. So, if there are any POC fanficers out there who are qualified to write on the related topics, please send in a pitch.

Now that we've covered what kinds of posts I'm looking for, let's cover how you can pitch to me.

UPDATE: I was only using Google Docs to work with contributors, but I have figured out some cool Wix features I didn't know about before (I promise I'm a millennial), so the process will be a little different. Now that I have added a FORUM to the site, that is where I will be looking for post pitches as well, unless the idea is sensitive or overly personal and you would prefer to use the contact form.

To pitch your post idea to me, go to the FANFICED FORUM and write your post pitch in the corresponding section. I'll give you any notes on there about the pitch and then I will accept your pitch by setting you as a writer for the FANFICED blog. Once this happens, you will be able to create the post yourself and write it from the blog page as long as you're signed in as a member. I will message you any instructions or tips I have on what the post should include, the approximate word count and when I would need it written by. As a writer, your posts need to be saved as drafts until I go through and edit and publish them.

Once you are a contributing writer, please still pitch your post ideas through the FORUM.

Generally, I will give you about a week from when the pitch is accepted to write the first draft of the post before I go in to read it over and make any minor edits or ask any questions I have. If you think the post will take more time than that, please let me know in the pitch. Once the post has been written and edited (I may also ask you to provide some copyright free photos that I can post with it (Hint: screenshots are covered under fair use law)), I will let you know what day it will be posted and tag you in a tweet with the link once it is up, as long as you provide me with a Twitter @.

You will need sign up as a member with whatever name you would like to go by on FANFICED. It can be your real name, a pen name, your Twitter name or your AO3/FFN/Wattpad username, but I need something.

Once I have enough people writing guest posts, I will start a CONTRIBUTORS page where everyone who writes five or more posts for me will get an entry with a photo/icon, their pen name and a short bio including their favorite fandom and pairing.

Please let me know if you have any questions about writing for FANFICED that I didn't answer here, and I can't wait to start getting pitches!


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