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How many ships is too many?

I realized recently that for the majority of the fandoms I read fanfics for, I have one ship and I stick to it. For "Supernatural," it's just Destiel; for "Teen Wolf," only Sterek; and for "The Defenders," give me some Kastle and I'm good.

There are only two fandoms that I read for that I've branched out from more than one ship: Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With how many characters there are in both of those fandoms, it's hard to focus on just one ship.

For the MCU, my favorite pairing is actually a polyamorous relationship between Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers and Darcy Lewis (aka WinterShieldShock). I came across my first WSS fic when looking for a new Bucky/Steve fic to read and was in a particularly adventurous mood, so I decided to try it out and ended up loving it even more than Stucky.

I'm also a fan of Spideypool. Even though Deadpool isn't a part of the MCU, my favorite Spider-Man is Tom Holland's from "Spider-Man: Homecoming," so that's who I picture as the other half of the pairing.

I recently rewatched the entire Game of Thrones series, and this time around found myself shipping way more pairings than the first time around. Before, I had only read a handful of Jonerys fics, but when I kept seeing the same Robbcella fic in the highest rated GoT fics, I had to give it a try. And holy shit, I loved it. It was over 70k words and I read it in one sitting.

After that, I wasn't as stingy with my pairings. Who knew I'd be here a few months later shipping SanSan with all my heart? Not me.

Since then, I've added multiple pairings to my read list and it's just growing. SanSan is definitely still my number one read and Gendrya is a close second, but some others I've tried out include Jonsa, Jaimsa, Theonsa, Braime, Robbcella, and Robbaery.

Can you tell how much I love Sansa?

I haven't been the biggest fan of the Jonsa fics I've read, I've only found one Theonsa I liked, Braime is more of a side pairing for me, and if there were more Robbcella and Robbaery fics, the world would be a better place. But the point is that I've found myself shipping multiple pairings for basically the first time and having a really great time immersing myself further into the blackhole that is the GoT fandom.

This is also the first time I have overlap with my ships. Usually, if I ship a pairing, it's because I want them to be together and only with each other. With Stucky and WSS, I don't really consider that as overlap because Stucky is part of WSS with just some fun Darcy thrown in (because who doesn't want some Darcy Lewis thrown into their lives?). But with GoT, I've read four different pairings with Sansa in them and two with Robb. I don't necessarily actively ship Jonsa, Jaimsa or Theonsa, but I am a SanSan advocate and don't find myself shipping it any less when I read one of the other Sansa-centric fics.

What do you guys think? Are you a one pairing per fandom only shipper? Or is it the more the better with you? Is there any overlap in your multiple pairings, or are you a 'my OTP is an OTP for a reason' person?


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