• Zoë

How I track my fanfiction reading

Last July, amidst boredom and an increased amount of reading, I realized that I had no real way to know how much I'd really been reading. So I started tracking my read fanfictions.

I only did it for a couple months, and I wasn't as consistent about updating my tracker regularly as I should have been, but it was an interesting experience. I have a very nice planner that was a gift that I don't use nearly as much as I should, so I used some cool monthly grid pages for my tracker (I would include a picture but I can't seem to find the planner after moving, oops). I should probably have used something like Excel or Google Sheets, but there's something I liked about writing each of the fics down.

For July, I attempted to keep track of the date on which I read each fic, but that didn't really work out because when I finish a fic at 2am, I didn't really feel like pulling out my planner, and then I forgot to do it later. So for August, I just recorded the word count, fandom, ship and the title of each fic I read.

If I go back to the tracking, I'd like to eventually have other categories I record as well—maybe a rating, what kind of fic it was, if I read it particularly quickly, etc.—but I don't see that happening unless I move it onto a digital format.

It's also really interesting to see how my fanfic reading habits change month to month. In July, I read 58 fics that totaled 1.33 million words, but in August I read 83 fics that totaled 1.03 million words. So it turns out I read longer fics in July, but read more short one shots in August. I also got into reading for two new fandoms in August, and I tend to read a bunch of safe, short fics to get myself used to a new fandom.

In a normal month when I have less downtime than I had last summer, I highly doubt I'd break a million words, but it has been cool to see how many I can get through in a month and prove I read as fast as I think I do.

Do you guys track your fanfiction reading? Is that something you might start doing? Do you think I'm a crazy person? About how many words/fanfics do you think you read each month?


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