Hi there, my name is Zoë and I'm a fanfiction addict. I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from a liberal arts college where I wrote about Real News for its award-winning newspaper for three years. Since I've graduated—with the debt to prove it—I've decided it's finally time for me to write about the important stuff that never gets proper coverage: fanfiction. I've read fanfiction since I was a sophomore in high school and have branched out from one singular fandom to many, many now. I exclusively look for fanfictions on Archive Of Our Own now because I love the features so much, but if you can find a fic that will convince me to give Wattpad, FanFiction.net, Tumblr, or LiveJournal another shot, congrats.

The FANDOMS page is where you can find the fandoms and pairings I read fanfictions for. Leave me a recommendation on the FORUM if you've got a fic you think I'd like!

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